Raj Dempo Ventures Conglomerate established in summer of 1965 in the coastal haven of Goa largely originating from traditional conservative business models of real estates and properties investments stemming from succession with 16th century lineage and global market connects.
Year 2004, digital transformation and professionalization of the business evolved with the new executive leadership. The organization and local industry chamber backed innovative PPP (Private Public Partnership) Infrastructure Development focussed on Internet based entrepreneurial programs for ITU-IMT initiatives pioneered the policy framework for the information technology economy.
Year 2007, diversification fueled sustainable organization growth with ventures in e-commerce, software enterprise solutions, management consultancy and international food commodity exports. The organization performance encompassed best practices in the industry and set benchmarking standards with organization research.
Year 2015, the organization structure morphed into 80:20 ratio tilted favoring BPO, KPO and alternative models to traditional models of enterprise. This induced resources allocations to set targets on global markets to scale up the next level of organization performance to maintain sustainable growth patterns.
Year 2018, The Centre for Excellence for Business Research and Innovation (COEBRI) was unanimously approved by the strategic advisory board to formulate a sustained bootstrapped process for organizational development and sharing best practices with bifocal objectives of riding the convergence of business, technology and information.